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Money or Knowledge? What Drives Demand for Financial Services in Emerging Markets?


Financial development is considered as an important determinant of economic growth. But the micro determinants for the financial development are not understood well, particularly in the countries of emerging markets.

Two views are considered for the low demand in formal financial services. One is the high fixed costs and the other one is the limited financial literacy.

While testing the leading theories for low demand in emerging market financial services, it is found that there is a strong relationship between the financial literacy and the behavior towards the financial services.

A financial education program brought out significant effect on the demand for bank accounts. Small introduction of subsidies brought out great demand. The study showed that subsidies are two and a half time more effective than the financial literacy education.

This is consistent with the common practice of US banks, which offer cash gifts and incentives for opening a new bank account. The study results also suggest that demand in financial services is much more easily attained by reducing the price for financial services, promoting low technological solutions such as mobile banking.

A cautiously designed and target focused financial literacy program is more cost effective than taking large scale effort; serve as a valuable complement in bringing such a financial reform.


Quick And Easy Tips To Consolidate Your Debt


Debt consolidation is the most needed information and concept for most of the people who are in a debt mess due to credit cards and personal loans, as the late payment penalty and interest rates are very high for them.

Here are some Quick and Easy tips to consolidate your debt and easily come out of your debt mess.

– Never stress yourself about credit scores and to improve that trying to pay a loan in time don’t borrow money somewhere for a higher interest. Whatever be your eligibility get money for that at less interest rates, resist your temptation to get new credits
– When you have multiple debts, split and pay off on each one, instead of paying off one debt in full, this will help you to buy time and save on interests on all the debts, gradually the principal will come down and you can pay off one by one.
– Don’t worry about being rejected at one place for loan, there is always a lender for a borrower, look out for one who accepts your poor credit history, there is nothing like a credit blacklisted person will never get a loan anywhere
– Try different and newer debt consolidation programs and attend debt counseling sessions those are conducted for free and never approach third parties and pay them to consolidate your debts, you will end up losing more money on this.


How to Select the Best Cash Loans From the Internet


We need loan in case of financial crisis. Loan can be in the form of Car, Housing, or personal loan. It purely depends on where one uses the money. Here are some simple steps for selecting good loan.

Know the Background of the Company:

We can know the Background of the company by doing research online. A company that is related to a Bank is a good choice. This means they could provide you with stable loan and acceptable interest rates. For better research results discuss about your brand name in an open forum. From this you can get a clear idea about both positive negative aspects of our choice.

Surf on the Website of the Selected Company:

The Company website contains all the needed information about the particular loan. We should go through the details and compare all the bank’s facilities to get an idea in our own. You can also save the time by surfing the details by knowing the needed documents to carry online. This will reduce the time and the travel.

Identify the Communication channel:

Keep the list of contact information like Phone Numbers, Address and email. By getting these details one can easily approach the person’s in directly to get the help.


Affordable Personal Loan in Singapore


Money, money, money – for anything to buy or to live or to eat you will need money. It has become a basic need in life of a person to lead a life in any situation. There are many trusted and licensed money lenders in Singapore.

Nowadays many lenders do lend money in affordable interest rates. There are personal loans in Singapore offered by licensed money lenders. However before getting any loan from money lender, do check with them for the terms and conditions and the interest rates, so that everything goes smooth in the duration of the loan.

Getting affordable personal loan in Singapore is easy, however to find a trusted lender, a borrower has to look for licensed money lender. Hence find a trusted lender who offers personal loans in affordable rates with good terms that repaying doesn’t become a burden in your life.

Affordable personal loan in Singapore can be checked in the websites of money lender in the internet and just by filling up an online form, could be got easily if the borrower meets all the basic requirements to get the loan. Borrowers shall compare money lenders and choose the one who is more suitable to obtain their personal loans.


Auto Insurance: 5 Questions to ask

Are you going for Auto Insurance? Then it is important to ask these questions.

1. What is the premium amount?

The premium amount varies according to the age, car model and the place where you live. The insurance providers offer discount when you pay the amount in single lump sum. A fee may be imposed when you choose monthly installment.

2. What are the discounts I can enjoy?

According to the safety features in your Auto, such as air bags, alarm, anti-theft device, you can enjoy discounts, or credits. You can also enjoy discount if you belong to some organizations like medical board association.

3. Does the policy include both comprehensive and Collision Coverage?

The collision coverage pays all the repairs in your vehicle because of an accident. The Comprehensive coverage includes damages due to free, vandalism or flood.

4. Does the policy cover original Equipment Manufacturer parts?

Some insurance companies provide payment for original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) and some companies provide payment for aftermarket parts.

5. Do I need Insurance Coverage which falls under Uninsured and Under insured Motorist?

To get protected from uninsured motorist collision damage, it is a good idea to take uninsured-motorist coverage. The agent will inform whether you need it.


How Insurers Decide Your Auto Insurance Rate


Due to increase in number of accidents and vehicle thefts every year, it has become a necessity for all automobile owners to insure their vehicles in order to minimize their risk when they face damage to their vehicle.

There are many auto insurance companies in the market offering various auto insurance plans at different prices; however the least known information by auto insurance customers that you need to know is How Insurers Decide Your Auto Insurance Rate.

To know how insurers decide the auto insurance rates, the factors influencing it must know which are the region where the auto insurance policy is used, the laws governing it in that region, the affordability and cost of living of people there, frequency of automobile accidents occurring, kind of automobile spares and services available in that region and many more.

Though auto insurers take just few minutes to calculate insurance rates, it must be known that, it’s all predetermined taking into account the risk factor based on the customer’s residing locality, predictable driving skills, driving history, expected car usage over a year and as such.


For facing Financial Emergencies that can be met only by going for loans


You may be just blind sided by an unexpected financial emergency and do not know what to do next? It may be job loss, emergency home repair, medical expenses or an unexpected financial situation. The bills have to be paid, keep stay on the utilities, put food on the table, how can you cope this financial crisis?

1. Evaluate the situation
2. Analyse your income and earning capacity
3. Look for your savings and investments
4. Estimate the exact amount of money you need
5. Prioritize the expenses
6. List of the borrowing options
7. Negotiate with the lenders
8. See the loan tenure, repayment terms etc.
9. Go through your future plans and see how this will impact it
10. Find Extra money

In spite of trying out the above steps if you are not able to find money, then that means you are completely out of shape in your financial position. Ideally you may need an emergency fund to pay unexpected expenses. If all your savings account is exhausted where you could get it? Emergency is like an alarm. We mostly wake up only when the alarm strikes. Nowadays many types of loans are available to tackle the emergencies.

Secured Loans: As the name suggest, these types of loans are availed by keeping collateral in order to get the loan. Three classifications are there such as Gold loans, loans against securities, loan against property

Unsecured loans: This does not require any security or collateral. The option in these types of loans is Personal loans and Credit cards.

For both the above loan options if you go to a bank or major financial institutions they would add more woe to your worse situation through their extremely complicated process and procedures even to just evaluate your eligibility and just to tell you whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

This would be too late for you to make a decision and explore other options. Even if found eligible by the time the loan amount is disbursed that would also be already late for you to meet your financial emergency in time. Hence, what you need is an unsecured loan that will be given to you with a minimal eligibility criteria and in a very short span of time.

The most suitable option for you in such a situation are the best online cash loans. Online loans are fast, simple and dominating the offline markets. The cash loans are also designed for the emergencies. Therefore lenders have a minimal verification process and require less details. The customers can send the relevant details along with the online application and get them all processed over online instantly and the loan amount will be disbursed in a very short span of time.

These loans are offered with repayment terms that are very favorable to the borrower that makes them choose terms based on their repaying capacity in order to repay promptly and close the loan in time. The interest rates are also reasonable in spite of them being unsecured loans and provided even to people with bad credit to face their financial emergencies.


How to Slash Your Car Insurance Bill in Half


There are few things which car owners should know on How to Slash Your Car Insurance Bill in Half, as this can help them save money based on how much they spend on car insurance.

Always it is easier to compare and check with various car insurance products in the industry and choosing the low cost one with maximum benefits, however on the other hand once a car insurance is opted by you, then you can do the following to slash your bills, keep yourself updated on newer car insurance schemes introduced by your car insurance company and see if you can switch over to low premium schemes.

Bargain with the car insurance companies if you have a good driving history and frequency of car accidents, theft and vandalism are very low in your locality and ask for discounts after each quarter if it ends with no claims. Get a variety of quotes on all car insurance products available for you and negotiate your premiums with insurance companies.


How credit cards can Affect your Credibility


People around us are happy to have a formal relationship with us as long as we don’t approach them for any kind of help and this is the scenario for most of us. In that if we ask for some kind of financial help people really will put us in embarrassing situations.

And in such situations credit cards serves to be of very great help to us. However, we fail to notice the aftermath issues that a person faces after the usage of credit cards when he is already in a financially unstable position.

Unlike other money lending sources credit card companies charge higher interest rates because they give money without holding any of our assets and hence their risk is very high.

Hence for most of the people who face a no credibility or poor credibility mess one of their primary reasons would be credit cards. We could also refer for the reason of credit cards for no credibility or poor credibility from the website. Also the same website provides excellent solutions for no credibility or poor credibility repair through online consulting too.


Loans for Homeowners with Low Financial Credibility


Working class people especially those salaried ones in middle class are those who are more afraid and conscious about their credit history as they feel ends they end up in not repaying even a few debts they be branded with a low financial credibility record and history will become ineligible for any kinds of loans in future and this is why they are very pre cautious and repay loans in time.

However, when there are emergency situations and a national or global economic crisis, individuals have got nothing to do against them and shall become a victim of these and end in not repaying debts and so end up with a low financial credibility history.

But now, people need not worry much about their low financial credibility history and stay stressed as there are exclusive loans available for home owners with low financial credibility.

Even people who have a good credit record need not carry the stress of falling into low financial credibility because even if something happens so they can still avail loans from companies that offer loans for people with low financial credibility.